My very own woven labels

I am so excited about my custom made woven labels. 

I was thinking about a way to personalize my handmade items since a while. Even though I don't sell anything (occasionally a bag ends up as a gift for family and friends) I thought how nice it would be to leave my stamp on the items I put so much time and work into.

My mind was set on woven labels, but whatever website I found they just were out of my budget. I did find some options about how to print own labels at home, but I just wasn't too happy with that idea. And then I found a post from Make it & Love it about an Etsy shop that offers affordable woven label options. Woohoo!

The shop is WorldWideLabels. They were really good in helping me choosing the colors and font for my labels. My labels arrived within the predicted time, and they look as fabulous as I thought they would.

They are folded in half with raw edges, which then will be sewn into the seam allowance. I like that it also gives me the option of folding the raw edges in and using them on top of already sewn projects. 

 This is one of the many things I've added the labels to.

And here an example on how they look added into the seam allowance. 


Art Student Tote by Anna Maria Horner

Way too much time passed since my last blog post. This is another post about bags, or in this case one specific bag, the Art Student Tote by Anna Maria Horner.

The pattern offers three different versions of the bag. I made version B, but with the extension panel only half as wide as the pattern instructs. 

I made this bag for a friend, but will definitely make one for myself too. It's a great size bag for traveling.
The fabric used is Amy Butler Lark Sateen (home decor), the gray contrast is Art Gallery Pure Elements in Moonstone.

The metal zippers and d-rings give such a nice touch to the bag. The extension panel adds extra room to the bag and can be folded away if not needed.

 It comes with lots of inside pockets which can be divided however is fitting to ones needs. 
I found this wonderful review about this bag over at Bijou Lovely. Lots of tips about how to interface the bag. Thanks for sharing! 

This bag requires A LOT of cutting and interfacing, but it's well worth it. 

I did change the way of sewing the side pulls. The patterns asks for sewing them as a tube and turn them inside out. But they will be so narrow that it becomes an extreme test in patience. I folded them in half and the raw edges towards the middle, and just topstitched all around. Way easier and safes a lot of time and nerves.


Bags for others, and one for me

These are a couple of the bags I made for other people as gifts.

This is the Multi-Tasker Tote by Anna Maria Horner. I made another one of these for myself and will write a review about it in another post.

Super Tote by Noodlehead. I blogged about my first one here.

241 Tote in Lotta Jansdotter Fabric.

 241 Tote for a music lover.

 And this is the 241 Tote I made for myself. I just love this fabric!


More Licorice Dresses

The Licorice Dress from Colette Patterns is one of my favorite patterns. Very easy and quick to make, needs only a little amount of fabric, and can be worn casual and dressy.

I wrote a review here

Today just a couple of pictures of my other three Licorice dresses. The first one got just finished today. 

The fabric is Peach Skin fabric from GirlCharlee. It is easy to sew with and very comfortable to wear. Works surprisingly well in New Mexico summers, considering it is 100% polyester.

This one needs to be worn with a slip underneath. It is completely see through. Should have lined it, ooops!

Another Peack Skin, also from Girl Charlee.

The last one is a very soft voile by Anna Maria Horner. I saw that the collar and dress are matching up perfectly after I finished the dress. What an awesome coincident. 

 I lined it with white silk. The voile itself was too sheer.

 The hem of the lining is slightly off, but who cares, right?!?


Socorro County Fair 2014

This year I decided to enter some of my handmade wardrobe in the Socorro County Fair. Three years ago I had entered a German Chocolate Cake and won best in show.

It is a very small Fair and they are happy for every entry. All in all I had nine pieces in different divisions. Sorry for the bad quality pictures, but the light in the exhibition hall wasn't all that good.

Lets start with the quilts. The first one is Sanctuary in Oasis by Pat Bravo

The second one is the Giant Star Quilt

From left to right:
Georgia Dress (blog post to come)

 Two Best in Show! And I met some members of the Socorro Fiber Arts Guild. They invited me to their meetings. I am looking forward to it!